If you’re not listening to Conan, why not? Do you like massively heavy doom metal? If the answer is yes, then Conan needs to exist in your life. If no, you need to correct that and listen to Conan. Yes, Conan like the as “The Barbarian” and while the music isn’t 100% about the Cimmerian’s adventures, I imagine this music as the perfect soundtrack that won’t ever end up in whatever TV show or new movie they’re surely working on. Usually high fantasy inspiration is the realm of power metal, or speed metal, but as Conan is the down and dirty form of fantasy, Conan is the doom equivalent.

Not content to be just heavy, Conan’s first album is a forty-minute trudge through the weightiest fucking riffs, the rawest sounding doom, and the crushing heft that you imagine their namesake would have. And it’s not cheesy at all, and if you thought it was you’d quickly be bludgeoned by it’s sheer force into bowing at it’s majesty.

Simply put, Conan fucking rules this weighty, English, doom style and clearly know what’s best in life. Do you?