Before Sweden became home to buzzsaw death metal riffing and melodic black metal majesty they had a bit of a presence in the 80’s with traditional and NWOBHM tinged metal. Now I’m not going to say these bands were the 80’s equivalent of the influence of the 90’s extreme bands, but it illustrates the countries long relationship with metal. Fellow countrymen and contemporaries Heavy Load and Gotham City even produce some classics (fight me) in this vein. Now imagine that classic, party, fast women, rocking out, 80’s vibe and amplify the ridiculousness and you have Torch. They aren’t quite a parody of themselves, but almost, especially with their awesomely silly cover art (something that would border the fence of amazing and ridiculous on their follow up album) and fairly typical 80’s lyrical themes. Just listen to the spin the vocalist puts on repeating the line “Cause I ain’t got time to fuck around” in the second song. 80’s cheeseball excess. Maybe not as much as their stupid American, Sunset Strip counterparts, but definitely a similar state of mind.

Yes, it’s loud and stupid, but the riffs are solid and they’re clearly having some fun here and it’s hard to not respect the ridiculous nature of this album.