Oh fuck yes. A hyper melodic, Swedish, black metal band from the 90’s with only one album ever released? My fucking sweet spot. Sweden has an unending supply of these and you know what, they’re all fucking killer. Sargoth in particular falls in to that Dissection worship camp (but how could you not worship them) but where Dissection (debatably) straddles the death metal/black metal fence, Sargoth goes full on black metal while retaining those insanely catchy, hook laden, riffs and frosty atmosphere. If you’re into 90’s Swedish black metal you’re likely familiar with a lot of what this band does, however, I’m struck by how similar a lot of the riffing and song structures are to Watain, particularly some middle era Watain. Lay Eden in Ashes came out in 1998, the same year as the first Watain demo and two years before Rabid Death’s Curse. I know a lot of Swedish bands from this era pull from similar places but I’d be surprised is Sargoth didn’t influence Watain. Those sounds are too similar.

That aside, this is a fucking solid Swedish black metal album. Love that fucking melody and style and that time period for Swedish metal. You can’t go fucking wrong there.