This was near the fucking top for most anticipated album of the year for me based solely on how incredible their last album was and like I hoped, and knew it would be, Agrimonia’s Awaken is a fucking triumphant return for the the band. Going even lighter on the crust elements this time, a genre they started in, this one is more or a progressive, post everything-ish album. Hardcore, doom, some black. Very later era Katatonia at times, very sound driven post at times like Neuroris without the pressure, and post rock like as well. But then you have Christina Blom’s bestial amazing vocals that fit perfectly in the most aggressive and the more contemplative, soundscape moments, which there are plenty of on this album and those moments are what truly add to this album. Not taking anything away from the band or the sound but this one is less aggressive then the previous but like I say, it’s not a bad change or shift, it strengthens the sound and the presentation.

There’s not a single throwaway song on this album. With six tracks and most of them clocking in at ten or more minutes, Agrimonia is ready to take you on all sorts of paths from crust aggression to proggy time changing breakneck tempo changes, to contemplative, atmospheric moments. This band is so talented and so adept as musicians it’s mind blowing just how fucking good they are, and, how good this album is. Start the fucking tally, we’ve got album of the year contender number one here.