Whenever the genre tag “crust” is added to the end of a metal genre I never really know what to expect, even though my collection of black/death/doom/ crust bands is growing larger, I’m always surprised with what that term encompasses. Seeing as the bands are musically all over the place I think what it comes down to is the aggression and the themes, which for the most part are highly political. Left leaning politics here. None of that nation socialism bullshit that gets far too much of a pass. I won’t comment on the politics aspect but I think that’s a major contributing factor to crust.

The band at hand today, Iskra, to my ears, sound like a nasty second wave Norwegian black metal band with snotty, nasally, intense punk vocals, so, I guess that’s crust? Who cares, really, because this album is a hurled brick of force. As I mentioned it mostly sounds like black metal with punk vocals, but like more of the aggressive Norwegian black metal acts. I’m thinking Zyklon-B here. Almost “war metal” but still retaining a sense of melody and structure.

Aside from that there’s not much to say, really. The album is barely thirty minutes and it’s rapid fire, pissed off, political music that gives zero fucks. It’s fucking rad.