A black/death metal band, from the States, in the 90s? That doesn’t sound like everything from Florida at the time? How has this band gone so criminally underrated for so long? Maybe it was because of said Florida sounding death metal just dominating everything and the move to the Swedish death metal but come on now, Equinox had to stick out like sore thumb at the time. I’m sure they weren’t the only ones combining black metal and death metal at the time, but I’m betting they were fewer and farer between than nowadays.

But Equinox isn’t just melding black and death. Their brutal approach also veers into death/doom territory amazingly proficiently. There’s even moments of symphonic sounds and effects added which pushes the prevailing eerie feeling into the slight goth territory if ever so subtly.

The album fucking rules all the way through. Massive riffs and sounds. Clever use of genre tropes (which were less trope-ish in 1996) and a distinct weight makes this album worthy of your ears.