This Friday (Jan. 26th, 2018) will see the spewing forth of a new Portal album and I can’t wait to get by grime-covered hands on it. SO, for those of you who aren’t in the the knowing about Portal I thought I’d feature one of their albums today. If you’re new to Portal, brace yourselves.

Portal is unlike any band you’ve ever heard or seen before. Covered in bizarre head to toe costuming, Portal projects their cacophony from a place of sheer anonymity and mystery (unless you really dig, but why ruin the fun). To describe the band as death metal is really doing them an injustice as they do make heavy movie that, I guess, started in death metal, but their sound is hardly that. There’s some who might not even consider Portal music at all. Sure you can hear instruments but the engine like roar and chaotic collision of sound often straddles the line between noise, special effect, and music.

This band is fucking scary as hell, too. As if the horrifying music and costumes weren’t enough, the band member monikers, Horror Illogium,  The Curator, Aphotic Mote, Ignis Fatuus, and Omenous Fugue, have a distinct H.P. Lovecraft flair to them, which is a theme that Portal plays with constantly, which is suiting because I can’t imagine a sound, or music, more suited to the vast surreal maddening landscapes of Lovecraft’s writing than Portal. If this wasn’t what was going on in ol’ H.P.’s head, I’d be surprised.

Their third album Swarth is the last one before their last album Vexevoid where they still maintained the engine like fuzz of machinery noise and swirling insanity. Vexevoid, to many people’s chagrin (not mine), featured a slight, a fucking slight turn to more instrumentation and borderline riffing. GASP! It’s anybodies guess as to what they’ll do on the new album but I suspect it will be entirely Portal, weird, terrifying and completely unique.