I told you last year I had a whole pile of overlooked death/doom albums and while I may be nearing the end of that stack I’ll undoubtedly find more tucked away in some cobweb and dust coated crypt of the internet, but for now, here’s some fucking Unholy.

Remember I mentioned that balance of death metal and doom metal with this genre. Unholy definitely have them both but it’s more of different balance. Is there a death/funeral doom genre because that’s kind of where this is at? The music is much more plodding, more solemn, and more orchestrated than traditional doom when combined with death metal, yet the instrumentation has a distinct death metal fuzz and roar. But there’s also some psychedelic and black metal styles that produce some seriously adventurous moments. There’s even some more European “Peaceville Three” death/doom tendencies. It’s rather unique, and weird, and killer all at once.

It’s a bit of a heavy beast, mentally and sonically and may not be best suited for casual listening but it is worth diving into it’s murky goodness and trudging around. I wish this was a sound more bands drew inspiration from.