First Exploration post of the New Year! I know that excites you as much as it does me. What better way to kick off a new year of metal blogginess than with some obscure 80’s Italian power metal? You’re so fucking welcome!

When this showed up from my buddy Ben I saw the cover and assumed it was some awesome black metal. The artwork is rather foreboding with it’s grey-toned, cavernous viewpoint. Seems black metal to me. Alas, it’s the wrapper for a progressively adept power metal album. There’s a lot of noise comparing this band to Fates Warning but honestly I don’t hear it. I guess 80’s progressive metal bands all sound the same? Granted, there’s some similar touch points as the music is a sweeping, technically grand powerhouse with that dramatic flair but Adramelch have their feet rooted much more on power metal cheesiness and bombastic Italian metal theatricality, something that I think is a general attribute to Italian metal and something I can’t ever get enough of.

Yeah, it’s flashy, and wanky, and a lot of “hey look at me shred this guitar with my knowledge of time signature” but it’s also a fucking headbanger and so fucking fun. The riffs are none stop, the vocals are ridiculously cheeseball, and add to the 80’s flair some folky, medieval overtones and you have an album that really stands all on it’s own. Adramelch stand with Manilla Road in the way that they both play a tried and true genre of metal but nobody sounds like them. This is truly a unique album and a tremendous musical experience.