You may recall I mentioned briefly last year that in 2018 I was going to diversify the blog a bit. One way I was going to do so was to do brief reviews of new albums, particularly when there’s a new album I can’t get enough of, or in this case, is one of my favorite bands. So welcome to two thousand fucking eighteen. Here we fucking go:

Oh Abigor, how you conflict me. Those first 7-8 years of Abigor material are some of my most beloved metal albums. I listen to them constantly and are some of my “go to” albums when I don’t know what to jam. After that time period they seem to be rather hit or miss with me as the got almost too experimental, slightly industrial, and just kind of weird, but not in a good way.

But then in 2014 they came storming back with Leytmotif Luzifer and I thought, yes! Finally Abigor was back on track. Then the weird splits and EPs came out and that bizarre four way album with Nightbringer, Thy Darkened Shade, and Mortuus (which should have been way better than it is) came out and it was clear to me that Abigor seems to be riding on legacy now. Still, their legacy is one to be impressed with so a new album from them was still something I’d be excited to hear.

Right away, the eclectic nature they’ve cultivated over the last decade or so makes an appearance and really dominates the album. It’s all the weird and evil, twisting arrangements Abigor does so well, but with a choppy, random sort of quality. When it works it really works but for the most part it’s really jarring and seemingly random. More akin to the experimentation they use their EP releases for. I wouldn’t have minded but the lead up to this album the band was insistent that this was going to be more of their rawer, less “mainstream” (if that’s even a thing for Abigor) black metal sound and production, and sure the production is a bit “rawer” but the music is not at all reminiscent of any classic works by the band. It reminds me more of the experimental era of Mayhem. It’s kind of a mess.

For me this album just solidifies the idea that Abigor is more of a legacy act for me and that their members other projects, like the amazing Amestigon are where to find that spark. This isn’t the best Abigor album, however it isn’t the worst. It just is, but from a band that I hold in such high regard, I won’t hold it against them.