Californian band Sadistic Intent has been a presence in the death metal scene since the mid 80’s when the genre was just being refined. Saying that you might think they have a long lineage of under recognized albums under their belt as the band is still active, but alas, this bad has existed for going on thirty years with only scattered demo, EP, and split releases, the last being from 2016. That could be why the banned wallows in death metal obscurity despite just how fucking killer they are.

Even by today’s standards this EP is pure fucking evil, let alone for 1994. Of those early era death metal bands I’d say Sadistic Intent gives them all a run for their money that department. This is some truly menacing, forward thinking, vile, death metal that reminds me of what bands like Dead Congregation are doing nowadays, but Sadistic Intent was already there twenty three fucking years ago.

The EP is fucking pounding death metal savagery but that doesn’t stop them from getting some doom atmosphere in there that makes the sound that much more intimidating.

There are so many old school worshipping death metal bands around now and rarely do any match or even come close to the source. This is a prime example of a perfect death metal sound that can’t be matched.