An element of metal that I enjoy is the nature of bands to twist and change and go from one entity to another. There’s bands that evolve from where they started and make incredible music throughout their career, or in this case, there’s bands that turn into other bands, change styles, yet still manage to keep the quality up. FaithXtractor is one of the former.

With that awesome name (fight me) FaithXtractor is another manifestation from members of the criminally underrated Estuary of Calamity (remember my review), but after Estuary finished up their melodic death metal, Emperor infused black metal, some of the members went on to the crushing doom of Thorns of Carrion, THEN after Thorns landed in FaithXtractor. FaithXfactor also shares members with a handful of other bands, including a pretty fun horror punk band called Vladimirs. Vladimirs has a member that goes by Christ Crank who is a current comic boo letter and used to (still might) host a comic book podcast called the Crank Cast with Artist Mike Norton who draws the current Lil’ Donnie comic. So that’s a weird crossing of my two favorite worlds.

Aside from all the cross pollination, FaithXtractor are a solid, crunch and crush death metal outfit that wraps up some doom influence into the mix. Not another death/doom band review, but yeah, it’s there and it helps thicken up that already crunchy as fuck sound.  But fuck yeah, so many solid riffs, perfect death metal vocals and just a well rounded, damn pleasurable death metal album. Sometimes it seems that’s too much to ask for.

Grab it on bandcamp over here.