More death/doom? Yes, more fucking death/doom. I have a lot of overlooked death/doom albums just piled up waiting to be featured on this site. I’m lacking history in this genre, which I’m finding to be either not properly labeled or more of a broad catch-all genre tag but for the post part I’ve been focussing on recommendations that are legitimately death metal and doom metal albums. Which brings us to Ceremonium.

Ceremonium reminds me of Paradise Lost. There’s an elegance to their bleak sound, something that early Paradise Lost was so good at presenting, however Ceremonium would be Paradise Lost’s grimier, more despondent, angrier little brother. The album is highly atmospheric for a death/doom which really exaggerates the dismal qualities, mostly through the use of keyboard but the intro to the album is a beautifully composed acoustic arrangement which sets a more romantic atmosphere that is played out throughout the album. A dark romance to be sure considering the focus on despair and death, but there’s that Paradise Lost influence again.

Gloom and forlorn death doom is a perfect fit for this November. Get miserable with it.