They earlier years of metal hold such an interest for me. So many bands were exploring and honing a genre and everything was just so up in the air. The few bands that established a trademark sound, who would be the influencers, truly were in the bands that came after them. Take Acid, for example.

There’s clearly a pummeling Motorhead style going on here, some songs sounding almost exactly like a Motorhead song. They’ve also incorporated the rawness of Venom. Mostly on the production. Acid can actually play their instruments (zing!) and lead singer Kate de Lombaert’s voice is much more refined, but the rawness of the energy is sure on display. There’s also a significant amount of punk attitude and musical influence, despite a lot of the themes based around, what else, being metal. Ah, the 80’s. Everybody was so excited about telling everybody about metal, through metal music. It’s a charm of the genre I never get sick of.

In 1983 Kate de Lombaert was also (see previous review) one of the earlier female lead singers in the aggressive end of the metal pool. Another unique element about the band is they hail from Belgium, a country not really associated with metal. Particularly back then, but Acid is just that unique and interesting, from a metal historical perspective, and from a sheer rocking power perspective. This album is a blast of fun and one that’ll get lodged in your ears.