Hey kids, it’s metal time. For sure.


No Amnesty – Psychopathy
Thrash. That’s what this is. There’s some pretty amazing guitar parts and the song “Eternal Night” is fucking incredible but those moments are too few. It’s not bad for a thrash album so if you like standard thrash, you’ll likely like this. If they could harness those great moments and keep that going they’d really have something here.

Stalker – Shadow of the Sword
Fucking balls to the wall, speed metal from New Zealand. Just rip-roaring riffing and head banging, fist pounding fun.

Aosoth – V: The Inside Scriptures
French band Aosoth are back doing what they do best, dark, scary, dissonant, suffocating, cavernous black metal. It’s chaotic and noisy and bleak and all those wonderful things Aosoth did so well on their previous album but the chaos is well structured and Aosoth are masters at not just making noise for noise’s sake, but actually crafting songs out off all the madness that have resonance and appeal, albeit, a dark appeal. Fucking awesome.

Vhaldemar – Against All Kings
You’ve got to love Power Metal band names. Anywho, Vhaldemar sounds like what would happen if Grave Digger and Rhapsody of Fire had a prophesied child together. So riff oriented, grand, power metal with an epic scope but with a rawer side. Nothing amazing but damn catchy and fun.

Over the Voids… – Over the Voids
Some fairly straight forward, melodic, and orthodox black metal from one of the live members of MGLA. One of the guys with the black mask. Also, funny how “orthodox” always comes up when MGLA is involved. Anyways, this is pretty good if not a little ho hum.

Lady Best – Vicious Breed
Picking up right where their killer EP from earlier this year left off, this is some killer traditional heavy metal with a healthy love of all things NWOBHM, particularly Priest and some righteous vocals courtesy of Deborah Levine. So satisfyingly awesome.

Sar Isatum – Shurpu
Nice to hear some ferocious and nasty black metal, that’s good, coming out of my home state. Sar Isatum aren’t pumping the breaks here with their symphonic and intense black metal. It’s a bit theatrical, a bit “Dimmu Borgir” if you will, but it’s well composed and structured and a hell of a lot of fun and reminds me of the intensity of Horned Almighty. Awesome.


Night Demon – Darkness Remains
Unaussprechlichen Kulten – Keziah Lilith Medea (Chapter X)
Iron Monkey – 9-13
Howls of Ebb/Khthoniik Cerviiks – With Gangreen Edges / Voiidwarp
Wrathchild America – 3-D (EXPLORATION)
Eneferens – In the Hours Beneath
Blaze of Sorrow – Astri
Mystic Charm – Shadows of the Unknown
When Bitter Spring Sleeps – Star-Thrown
Power Trip – Nighntmare Logic
Paradise Lost – Medusa
Grift – Arvet
Blood Stronghold – The Triumph of Wolfish Destiny
Selbst – Selbst
Bitch – Be My Slave
Locust Leaves – A Subtler Kind of Light
Fleurety – The White Death
Hellwell – Behind the Demon’s Eyes
Coldfells – Coldfells
Havukruunu – Kelle Surut Soi

Until Next Time, Make Mine Metal…