Heavy metal is a never ending hole of history, one I enjoy diving into frequently. No matter how much I hear, or read, or see, there’s always another corner somewhere with some more genre history. This time it’s about Betsy Bitch and here namesake band, Bitch.

Betsy may be the first woman singer in a legit heavy metal band. Bitch put out it’s first demo in 1982 which predates Doro’s appearance in Warlock, Lita Ford’s turn to metal, and Leather Leone’s awesome Chastain albums. If she wasn’t the first she was one of the first and wow, what a first. To come blasting into the metal world so aggressively with a name like Bitch and music based around S&M (with a stage show to match) must have been a massive undertaking in the genre in 1983. The music is fairly straight up metal for the time. 80’s to boot, rock-centric, but with bite, and Betsy’s amazing vocals that are like a nasty version of Pat Benatar, if she was as punk or metal as they wanted you to believe she was, but maybe even more theatrical. The songs are ridiculously tongue in cheek, mostly involved with sexual dominance and you know, rocking out. Like I said, 80’s. It’s a whole sleazy production that must have paved the way for countless fucking bands. Bitch was a LA Sunset Strip band right before that explosion of glam metal and once you hear this you can easily see how that scene came to be. Not that Bitch is as stupid or contrived as Poison, but a lot of the elements those bands used to dominate radios are present in this album, particularly the over the top sexual presence.

Bitch remained more raw and dirty than what would come out of the Strip, they ended their career in 1987 after their follow up album and faded way into metal obscurity only to be resurrected by bands like Savage Master who probably owe their whole career to Betsy. This album fucking rules and it’s another weird history lesson from the world of metal.