First of all, this week has been a disaster, personally. Sorry for the lack up posts. I hope to be back to it next week, at least once or twice, but I didn’t want to leave the week without posting at least the weekly playlist. So, here it is:


Cloak – To Venomous Depths
Remember a couple years ago when Watain tried to push the black metal limits into a more public spotlight? Cloak sure does. They’ve decided that Watain didn’t go far enough on The Wild Hunt and pushed that sound further into a glammed up black n roll place. Watain is clearly an influence here, from the vocals and vocal patterns, to the riffing but like I said, it has more of an arena rock vibe to it, if that’s something that can be associated with black metal. Part of me thinks this is fun and a novel approach that can work in small doses, another part of me thinks it’s too far overboard, but mostly I banged my head through it and enjoyed it for what it is, some solid, good fun, blackened metal that loves Watain.

Under the Church – Supernatural Punishment
Super 90’s Swedish death metal style going on here but it’s forgivable considering this band is made up of the guys from Nirvana 2012, a Swedish death metal standard. If you like buzzsaw, quick and dirty Swedish styled death metal played superbly, this is for you. If not, I don’t know what to tell you. You get what you get with this band and it’s awesome.

V – Pathogenesis
Some former members of Katatonia and In Mourning doing a throw back sound to post metal sounds of the early 00’s. Wow, that’s a thing now, I guess. Lots of wide open post-ish sounds with a slight gothic vibe to it. Not bad if you like the post side of things. I like it sparingly but this was nice.

Audn – Farvegir Fyrndar
You know I have a weak spot for Icelandic black metal and atmospheric black metal so this is just like chocolate and peanut butter. Or Tacobell Cinnamon Twists with pintos and cheese. Trust me, it’s good. Audn is made up of members from Dynfari and this is their second full-length. Added some length on the first one they pad out the atmospherics and go for a more sweeping and grand vision while never relenting on the constant melodic nature and instrumentation. Slighly folkish, if that’s not something you’ve come to expect from Icelandic metal, and fucking emotional, powerful, and beautiful.

Malokarpatan – Nordkarpatenland
I know absolutely nothing about Slovakian folklore and folk music, but I do know riffs and this thing is lousy with riffs. It’s black metal at the core but it’s also juiced up with a hefty does of speed metal and that oh so hated term “black n roll,” and a lot of frantic energy. It reminds me of a more filthy Rebel Wizard. Pretty fucking fun and interesting.

Electric Wizard – Wizard Bloody Wizard
At this point you should at least be aware of Electric Wizard and what they do. Fuzzed up, riff heavy, stoner doom metal. To me Electric Wizard are always good and one of the few bands of this genre I really enjoy and this album delivers what I expected. Good riffs, good jams. It’s Electric Wizard.


Cannibal Corpse – Red Before Black
Jag Panzer – The Deviant Chord
Temple of Void – Lords of Death
Audn – Audn
Audn – Farvegir Fyrndar (NEW)
Zgard Within the Swirl of Black Vigor
Candlemass – Nightfall
Dreadnought – A Wake in the Sacred Waves
The Chasm – A Conscious Creation From the Isolated Domains: Phase 1

Until next time, make mine metal…