I have a pile of music (mostly a folder on my computer) where I keep albums I want to review, albums that friends have shared with me, or albums that I get recommended, and everyday I go through it and see what jumps out at me to review for the site (unless I already have something in mind). Sometimes in the folder are albums I can’t recall where they came from and they take me by total surprise, like this Sun of the Blind. I recently received a ton of death/doom recommendations so I must have thought this band was along those lines so that could aid in my surprise but this band is not a death doom band.

Sun of the Blind is the solo project from Zhaaral, a member of Darkspace (if you don’t know them, fucking looking them up) so if you’re familiar with Darkspace it won’t shock you to know that Skullreader incorporates a lot of that spacey black metal feel. Skullreader, however, is a little more grounded on earth and less cosmic in scope. It is an ambient heavy, looming, beautiful album. The ambient arrangements and additions give is a flighty, ethereal, spacey (again) atmosphere that reminds me of the soundscape Katatonia has been playing in forever now. Like a black metal Katatonia, which, is fucking awesome in my book.

Contemplative, emotional black metal usually hits the spot for me and I’m glad I got to hear this as I do quite enjoy Darkspace but it’s not an everyday kind of listening band. Sun of the Blind is a lot of what makes Darkspace great in a more digestible size while still being it’s own thing.