I bet in 1995 the death metal craze was already starting to produce formulaic releases and I bet a band like Mass Psychosis would have stuck out like a sore fucking thumb back then. At least in hindsight it’s easy to see what was going on and how a band fits in to the pieces, but taken in the context of the time, Mass Pyschosis is definitely a different death metal beast, especially hailing from the East Coast of 1995.

The thing is, they don’t really change all that much. It sounds like 90s death metal production wise and sonically but the band takes liberties with the riffing to create odd rhythm choices to match the eccentric and dramatic vocals. And that’s really where the band shines. Some might not like the weird, goblin like highs and lows and playful nature of the vocals, and the music, but I think it’s a breath of fresh air for the time period, even more so today. It’s probably a comment on the state of death metal in general when I band can change up a couple things and it puts them out if front of the rest, but Mass Pyschosis do just that. Maybe it’s the simplicity or maybe it’s just that slight infusion of uniqueness but this album rules hard. It’s technically a compilation of all their non-album material and they only have one full-length so it’s not even that hard to dive into this band. Just do it.