Lucky you, you get my weekly metal picks a day early! Now you have even more time to simply click a button to be flooded with incredible music. Also, everything sucks in the world so why not at least have one good thing in your life: Metal.


Savage Master – Creature of the Flames EP
If you like Savage Master’s rawer, straight up heavy metal attack then there’s not reason you won’t like their new EP. It’s full of all the attitude and snarling and savage riffing that their previous releases are known for. Short and sweet, this band fucking rocks, plain and simple.

Blood Stronghold – The Triumph of Wolfish Destiny
Finally Blood Stronghold releases their first full-length and it’s all the murky, creepy, cavernous, black metal nastiness you’d expect except this time with much more of a focus on slightly more majestic, melodic, melencholic (that’s a lot of m’s) approach. Not that the band didn’t have that before, but it’s much more prominent. Fucking killer.

Gwar – The Blood of Gods
Ok, here we go.

I’m a huge Gwar fan. Have been for decades now. Like most people I was shocked by Dave Brockie’s death, and to be honest, a little disappointed that he killed himself with drugs and it took a while before I could enjoy Gwar again. Thankfully Mike Bishop, the former Beefcake from the earlier days took over on vocals and it seemed like a good choice seeing as how I don’t think anybody thought for a second Gwar was going to stop. That’s part of the beauty of the band is that they could essentially go on forever, and it’s rumored that’s what Dave intended the band to do.

Sure they could continue on as a live band forever but I was really curious and anxious to hear what the next phase of Gwar would sound like with a new album, and for the most part, the new album is awesome. It’s more eclectic and goofy in the vein of America Must Be Destroyed, or This Toilet Earth, two albums Bishop was on as Beefcake. It’s not nearly as metal as they’ve been the past 15 years or so since Violence has Arrived. You may like your Gwar goofy, you may like them heavy, I like a good mixture.

However, I don’t think the comedic aspect of the band and the clever, offensive, satirical songwriting aspect is up to par on this one and while I know in my heart this is a Gwar album I’m feeling a huge amount of disconnect with it. I’m not against them continuing the band but Brockie was such a powerful presence in that band that his performance is sorely missed, and based on this album, Bishop is not even in the same ballpark. If I don’t have the album art in front of me, I’d not know this was Gwar. And that’s kind of a bummer because it’s a solid album.

Nazghor – Infernal Aphorism
Fucking hell, this is what I need. Just rip-roaring, hyper melodic, good old fashioned Swedish black metal. Just so fucking good. Riff after riff of melodic grandeur. Hits right in the sweet spot.

Dodsrit – Dodsrit
I’m such a fucking sucker for highly melodic, emotive, black/crust and Dodsrit has that coming out the ass. Love the wide open guitars and the melodic riffing juxtaposed to that harsh unforgiving black metal. Reminds me of Agrimonia, who still hold the crown for this kind of music, but Dodsrit are killing it on this one.

Night Viper – Exterminator
The key Night Viper’s appeal is they’re stripped down, straight-forward metal style. No sub-genres here, just heavy metal played enthusiastically and engrossingly. I’d wager there’s some punk tendencies and influence on this one but for the most part it’s just a romp through some awesome heavy metal. It’s that sound that might be called nostalgic or throwback but it’s really just more timeless as I don’t think Night Viper is trying to trap a certain bands sound our era. More just a vibe, and that’s something that is without a shelf life.

Sorcerer – The Crowning of the Fire King
Mostly I just want Atlantean Kodex to put out a new album and lay waste to the entirety of “epic” doom bands. Until then, Sorcerer is doing a fairly decent job of picking up that slack, though I feel while they’re circling around a lot of Candlemass territory on this new album they veered much more into Iced Earth type power metal. That’s something I think works for this band so I’m not complaining. Fairly good over all. Comforting and solid.

Iron Monkey – 9-13
Holy fuck it’s been 20 years since Iron Monkey’s last (and arguably classic) sludge filled, doom laden album came hurling out of England and it seems like they haven’t missed a fucking beat. A raucous, rip-roaring, foot stopping, punk infused, doom smasher of an album. A long time coming but you’ll find plenty to enjoy and bang your heard to.


Samael – Hegemony
Bloodstrike – Execution of Violence
Hellripper – Coagulating Darkness
Deletere – Per Aspera Ad Pestilentiam
Hellripper – Complete and Total Fucking Mayhem
Savage Master – Mask of the Devil
Unleash the Archers – Apex
Sons of Crom – The Black Tower
Thor – Metal Avenger
Highrider – Roll for Initiative
Kalmankantaja – Demonwoods
Kalmankantaja – Routamaa

Until next time, make mine metal…