This is a quick little EP that boasts some heavy weight players. Mainly members of In Flames (from when they were fucking good), fucking Crystal Age, fucking Cardinal Sin, and fucking Darkified (more on them another time) so there’s some fucking Swedish death metal prowess here, and from a time when that genre was still fucking amazing and those bands were on point.

With a lineup like that you’d expect some melodic as fuck, riff heavy, death metal, and you’d be right. I can’t imagine what these band members would produce when they came together that wasn’t a riff factory of awesome might. But yeah, it’s Swedish melodic death metal at it’s finest. There’s a little nasty thrash element to it as well which just ups the awesome riffing factor and overall velocity of the album. There’s an amazing instrumental track featuring classic acoustic guitars and a single electric guitar busting out amazing solos over the top, and they even throw in a Sepultura cover at the very end.

What can I say. If you know In Flames early work or Crystal Age or just know how sweet the Swedes can bring it, this is for you. I’d take this over almost anything In Flames has ever done.