Happy Friday the fucking 13th. While you’re undoubtedly watching some Jason movies, why not throw some awesome metal into the mix. That evil-minded genre of course released a shit ton of new stuff this week to coincide with the malevolent date and a lot of it was fucking good. I promise it will only bring you good fortune. Particularly for your ears.


Spectral Voice – Eroded Corridors of Unbeing (NEW)
Denver metal has been coming out like a torrential downpour the past couple weeks and among the more anticipated is the debut from Spectral Voice. It feels like this is a long time coming for this band, especially since Blood Incantation, the other band that Spectral Voice members make up mostly, came out to such praise. Spectral Voice is more of a dismal, dark, and brooding doom, death metal outfit that relies on moody fucking weight and the darkest depths of existence. It’s music for being lost in and just being crushed and they’re debut does not disappoint. Another high mark for Denver.

Bell Witch – Mirror Reaper
Bell Witch are determined to have the land speed record for slowest funeral doom album yet, clocking in at and hour and a half with only two fucking songs, but they’re two songs of great magnitude. Funeral Doom is an acquired taste to be sure so if you aren’t into it, this might not be for you, but if you’re willing to give it a go you’ll find an album that is fucking dismally crafted and heavy beyond reproach. I can’t believe that get that atmosphere and sound out of bass, drums, and an organ.

Exhumed – Death Revenge
I think Exhumed has been on a hot streak since their somewhat comeback album All Guts, No Glory in 2011 with 2013’s Necrocracy topping the previous, and taking the band in more serious, technical, and slightly melodic areas. This new album is even better than the last two combining all the fun horror aspects of Exhumed with their trashed up, sometimes grind, death metal. This album is supposed to be a concept album and while I’m bad at following stories like these, there’s an overarching horror feel to be sure. A kind of older, haunted castle kind of vibe. Of course the theme is death. Exhumed are at their most melodic on this one, with riff after riff, sometimes both guitarists trading riff attacks and there’s a slight Judas Priest feeling there, which is rad. This is now my favorite Exhumed album and has turned this band from a fun, occasional band, to a more important listen.

Daniel Cavanagh – Monochrome
Daniel Cavanagh is one of the main writers and musicians for Anathema, and if you didn’t know that going in to this, you would immediately after hearing the first song. Now I know Anathema haven’t been a metal band for quite some time but they still have some “heavier” moments to balance the tranquil, ethereal soundscape songs. This album is all the ethereal, beautiful moments. I’m not sure why he needed a solo project to do this as it sounds EXACTLY like Anathema, but I’m an Anathema geek and I love all facets of their style and sound so I’ll gladly take more in any way.

The White Buffalo – Darkest Darks, Lightest Lights
The White Buffalo continue their darker, rock infused, rebel country style. Precise and to the fucking point, the new album rolls in at 34 minutes and packs more songwriting prowess and emotion than most albums of this ilk twice as long. Some good heartache-rs, some boot stompers, and some country grit, these guys seemingly can’t do any wrong.

Sarke – Viige Urh
I’m always surprised that more people don’t go nuts over Sarke. After all it is the other consistent project from Nocturno Culto. But not just Nocturno, a whole slew of members who’re in or have been in some amazing bands like Tulus, Old Man’s Child, Satyricon, and ICS Vortex. Maybe it’s because Sarkes style is a little all over the place. For example this one is little electronic at moments, doomish, not sludgy but definitely a slower, dirtier, plodding metal style, seasoned with black metal and some thrash and the cherry on top, Nocturno’s ever amazing voice. I dig Sarke and I wish more people did too.

Samael – Hegemony
Samael’s back catalog is amongst some of the finest extreme metal releases of all time. I don’t even have a problem with their dancy, goth, industrial phase. The past release (or two) have been a melding of all their styles, well, less the black metal, but a good mix of the goth, industrial and metal. They’ve got a pounding, Rotting Christ sort of vibe going on with that mix, though Rotting Christ doesn’t have the synth stuff. This is actually about what I expected from them. It’s pretty solid, nothing great. I suspect it will please longtime Samael fans.

Daeva – Pulsing Dark Absorptions
Blackened death n’ roll that’s about the filthiest 20 minutes you’ll hear for awhile. Reminds me of Weaponizer if they were dirtier. No frills, zero fucks given metal.

Ancient VVisdom – 33
I can’t tell if these guys are serious or being tongue in cheek. Even on their fourth album it’s not clear to me. Their laser precise dedication to folk-ed up, cultish, heavy adjacent music all about Satan is admirable and part of me feels like if they’re completely serious, 100% no irony, it makes it even better. This one sounds a lot like their last three. Slightly heavier, maybe. Still all Satan all the time with acoustic guitars.

Time Lurker – Time Lurker
Completely immersive, melancholic, spatial, atmospheric black metal from France. This album sounds massive and it was very easy to get lost in its emotive and ethereal quality. Very damn good.

Bloodstrike – Execution of Violence
More awesome Denver metal, this time in the form of death metal. Bloodstike’s second album, mastered by the amazing Dan Swano at Unisound (how crazy is that for Denver) sounds amazing, naturally, and they pack in a wallop of classic Swedish death metal buzzsaw attack and the punk-ed up nature and crunch of Bolt Thrower. While it’s not the most original approach you could go way worse with influences and sounds and Bloodstrike are sure as shit having fun making this music and devoting themselves to getting your head to bang, and that it will, at the very least.

Saiva – Markerna bortom
Saiva, whose been wetting my whistle for a full-length since their EP debut in 2013, has finally delivered with Markerna bortom and it’s not really what I was expecting. Not that that’s a bad thing. Based on the EP I was expecting further exploration of that more naturalistic, and rawer, Swedish black metal. This is naturalistic but closer in tone to the folkier stuff he’s done with Lonndom. It’s like a prog-ish, slightly metallic, folk album, with some black metal vocals. It’s kind of weird in a way. I enjoyed it, for the most part, but for his debut it’s not something I would have expected. I’m all for subverting expectations and experimenting so we’ll see if this sticks with me after a few listens.


Thor – Beyond the Pain Barrier
Satan’s Host – By the Hands of the Devil
Immortal – Pure Holocaust
Obtained Enslavement – Witchcraft
Satan’s Blood – Weltmacht
Green Carnation – Light of Day, Day of Darkness
Spirit Adrift – Curse of Conception
Edge of Sanity – Infernal
Chelsea Wolfe – Hiss Spun
Dimmu Borgir – Stormblast
Nominon – Monumentomb
Judas Iscariot – To Embrace the Corpses Bleeding
Absu – The Third Storm of Cythraul
Panopticon – Autumn Eternal
Vader – Litany

Until next time, make mine metal…