I’m not saying that regionality always affects what a band sounds like but more often than not bands from specific influential areas tend to carry some of the traits that region is known for, particularly Sweden and Germany, unless you’re Satan’s Blood, then you’re the most Swedish sounding, German black metal band around in 1999.

And I’m not complaining. As you know I love me some 90’s Swedish black metal and Satan’s Blood gets that feeling down. Furious, evil guitar riffing, black metal that is clearly informed by early era Marduk, but without straight up ripping them off. It’s unrelentingly evil and straightforward and this kind of black metal is always welcome in my ears. It’s nothing new, it’s nothing ground breaking, it’s just solid fucking music played well.

And that’s pretty much Satan’s Blood in a nutshell. They put out one full-length in 1999 and a split soon after then poof, gone into obscurity, but they left this 29 minute slab of Swedish inspired malevolence in their wake, and I’m glad they did.