By now you know, or are aware, that a lot of metal fans have seasonal musical tastes. While we actually listen to all genres all year round, the fall spurs on so many fond memories and comforting feelings aided by the listening to of some of our favorite albums, bands, genres, that take on a special quality this time of year. The go to genres for me in the Fall are doom and black metal, so thankfully we have Dolorian.

Now calm down, nerds. It’s not the same thing or even spelled the same so just forget that right now. What this band does have is a a perfect mixture of black metal and doom metal, something that almost seems made to fit together, at least, when positioned right.

When All the Laughter Has Gone, besides being the most appropriate title for current times, is a masterwork in combining genres. It’s never really black metal or doom metal, it’s more a swirling mass of complimentary styles and techniques from both, seamlessly integrated to craft a tapestry of morose, chilling, miserable music, In the best sense of the word “miserable”, meaning the themes of misery and loss that doom is known for. With the use of keyboards for atmosphere it does take on a gothic, theatrical flavor which reminds me of 90’s black metal and that or so sweet “Hammer Horror” quality those recordings had, but combined with slow, morose song writing and crushing weight.

This album fucking rules, that’s what you need to know. Perfect any time of the year but extra poignant now.