My buddy Ben Smasher has been extolling his favorite death/doom albums recently on his YouTube channel and if you’re into that genre mashup of metal you’d do good to check out his video. His recommendations and features are always interesting and not the typical suggestions you always get from say a “Top 10 Death/Doom Albums” kind of post. He recommended to me Saturnus’ Martyre album, a band I’d not heard before or was even familiar with as my appreciation for death/doom (and funeral doom) is still growing in appreciation.

Saturnus have a base of Katatonia, Paradise Lost, and My Dying Bride to build their own take on the genre. Sure there’s the good old death vocals and doom passages, as you’d expect, and they’re awesome. On top of that there’s a layer of gothic romanticism, mostly exemplified through the clean vocal passages and clean guitar parts, but there’s also an air of melancholy. Melodic guitar parts add to that feeling as the album goes through an hour of high and low emotional pull.

It’s not the heaviest death/doom album you’ll hear, but it’s heavy feeling, something I think is key to the genre. It’s a perfect blend of emotion, metal, and poetry and it’s one of the best examples of this genre, and clearly, highly overlooked.