It’s been a while since we’ve been to Germany for some black metal. So here we fucking go: Shores of Ladon.

Shores of Ladon’s one and only full-length (so far) just comes launching out of the fucking gate with a blast of melodic fury. I’m such a sucker for that furious tremolo black metal guitar picking when it’s done with such melodic intent and Shores of Ladon work that to great affect. There’s a harshness to it at the same time and while the songs ooze melancholy it’s still a bit in the shadows. Still a bit menacing. Those riffs though, they just keep up until the fourth song “Rauhnachtserwachen” drops right into a beautiful and warm acoustic guitar lead song backed by booming and ominous drums. It perfectly splits the album and builds all the tension and drama that let the last two songs explode all over with that melodic grace once again.

The whole thing reminds me more of Finnish or Swedish black metal with it’s melodic and uplifting nature, more so than the German’s take on black metal but I guess that’s part of being such a global genre. Shores have a killer fucking album here and if you like any of those things you’ll do well to put this in your ears.