I’ve never been a fan of those highly technical, neoclassical, flashy guitar virtuosos like Yngwie or Joe Satriani or anybody that makes up the tour of G3 that seems to only attract button down flame shirted Guitar Center techs with sideburns. Way to flashy and full of themselves for my tastes. Cacophony has some of that going on. You may recognize one of their dueling guitarists… Jason Becker. Oh wait, I mean Marty Friedman, you know, the only once good thing about Megadeth who played in that band far past it’s prime before fucking off to Japan to make his wild flashy guitar albums. Well Cacophony was his project with Jason Becker before he joined Megadeth for Rust in Peace and there’s a lot of guitar wankery going on here. How fucking ever, there’s also at least some effort to focus on song writing and before the solos show up, there’s some killer speed metal happening here. Sure, the guitars are still the focus on every song and Marty and Jason have fun bouncing off of each other but there’s a more straight forward metal attack going on. Then the solos come in and it just gets blown way into that ridiculous virtuosos area.

I’m not saying these guys aren’t talented. They clearly are, but it’s just so much flash for no other reason than to be flashy and that gets boring pretty quickly. It’s fairly obvious now that Friedman was reigned in during his stint in Megadeth and maybe that’s exactly what he needed because those songs on Rust in Peace are killer. Cacophony is a fun album and yes I’ll admit some of the soloing is captivating and interesting but the meat of the songs are truly entertaining and some serious speed metal. It’s nothing essential but a good listen especially for fans of the Friedman era of Megadeth.