Fuck you, it’s officially Fall! Time for early sunsets and hoodies. Crisp mornings and chilly nights. Horror movies and fallen leaves, and that special seasonal affect that makes the sweet sounds of metal, particularly doom and black metal sound all the sweeter. Not that those genres aren’t good all year but come on, metal fans, you know what I speak of. Bring on the season!


Kalmankantaja – Routamaa
Not content with releasing one killer album this year, Kalmankantaja follows Demonwoods up with another unrelentingly furious black metal blast. This one, while still harrowing and dark is much warmer and more melodic. I think I prefer this one to the previous but both are so fucking good it’s really hard to say.

Drouth – Knives, Labyrinths, Mirrors
Seriously infectious black metal with a melodic grind element and a dab of sludge for good measure. Just pummeling and catchy and a perfect mix of all three sounds and styles. Good stuff here.

Kauan – Kaiho
After threatening they were a post rock band for the past couple albums, Kauan finally went all in and made a post rock album. Gone are all but the briefest traces of their older Peaceville Three tinged doom/folk metal aspects, which is what was really impressive about this band but I do like the post rock aspects as well. Still very “gloomy” and ethereal but from a different approach.

Horrified – Allure of the Fallen
I dug on this bands last release from last year and while I thought they sounded a little unfocussed this new one pulls everything together and they really refined their melodic, death/black metal with ethereal overtones. It’s really quite mesmerizing and captivating. It’s like melodeath but without all the drawbacks of that oversaturated style. Really digging this.

Urarv – Aurum
Bases solely on the fact that musician Aldrahn is heading up this band made this a highly anticipated release. If you didn’t know, Aldrahn is the vocalist of fucking Dodheimsgard and that alone should be enough but no, he’s also in The Deathtrip, Thorns, and did time in Zyklon-B and the vocals for the first (and best) Old Man’s Child album. Urarv finds him doing his avant-garde, experimental black metal thing but a little more subdued than you’d expect from him, and way more punk driven. There’s a air of chaos over the whole album and you’re not quite sure what’s going to happen. Sometimes maybe a bit too much, but there’s an intense drive behind it all and it ends up coming together in a splendid, yet weird way. Not as good as his other works but a nice inclusion to the bunch and still better than a lot of other stuff out now.

Lonewolf – Raised on Metal
The fucking cover of this album is a werewolf striking a red hot sword on an anvil with a hammer being struck by lightening. That’s all I need to see to check this band out. And it sets the tone for the album because it’s sheer, speed metal with power metal majesty from there. Love that unrelenting speed metal drive. And from France, of all places. I’m not sure why I’m so surprised when a good band comes from France, they have so many, but it’s like “hey this is awesome AND from France? Good for them.” Especially power metal which (good) power metal from France may be rarer. Anyways, this is awesome fun speed metal with songs about being metal and fire and ice and metal-y stuff like that. The French do know their cheese.



Shaarimoth – Temple of the Adversarial Fire
The Great Old Ones – EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy
Pathogen – Forged in the Crucible of Death
The Chasm – Farseeing the Paranormal Abysm
Spectral Voice – Necrotic Doom
Sentenced – North From Here
Embrional – Annihilation 2007 + Live
Running Wild – Gates to Purgatory
Mercyless – Abject Offerings
Krisiun – Apocalyptic Revelation
The Ruins of Beverast – Exuvia
Highrider – Roll for Initiative
Forteresse – themes pir la rebellion
Drudkh – A Furrow Cut Short
Vesania – Firefrost Arcanum
Destruction – Release From Agony
Macabre – Dahmer
Macabre – Sinister Slaughter
Macabre – Gloom
Macabre – Murder Metal
Overkill – Under the Influence
Eneferens – Eventide

Until next time, make mine metal!