I think I saw this band on Instagram or somewhere were somebody was saying something like this is the equal of Emperor’s In the Nightside Eclipse. Pretty fucking bold statement but one that peaked my interest to be sure, so I tracked this sucker down to see how true that statement rung.

Firefrost Arcanum came out in 2003, much past, well let’s just say Emperor’s best work, and surely there is a huge influence there. The band is a highly symphonic black metal band with a lot of similarities to Emperor, but why not? Emperor fucking rules. Vesania, coming at things from a Polish perspective, a country whose extreme music is usually of the highest blasphemous order and extremely bludgeoning, bring a lot that sound to the mix. It’s like a heavier version of Emperor. The vocals go between death metal and black metal and there’s some downright death metal moments, if not for the constant symphonic elements.

It’s hard to really say what’s so captivating about this album because it does echo a lot of Emperor’s better moments but I never really think they’re straight up ripping them off or just repeating Emperor. It has a flair and a production to it that separates itself and a more straightforward songwriting and riffing technique while still keeping things atmospheric and cold. Is it as good as Nightside? No way. But I’d take it over IX Equilibrium or Prometheus.