Holy fuck, do you think anybody was paying attention to French death metal in 1992? I’d wager not very many people were, which is probably why this Mercyless album is an obscurity amongst death metal from that time. Mercyless are extremely of that time and you can hear, distinctly in their sound, their influences, from Possessed to Death, there is a lot of ground already covered, however, Mercyless know how to craft a riff and play some highly technical death metal while still keeping things focussed and brutal.

Like I said, this is an album of it’s time and is another example of that era of death metal that still has that thrash element represented. Not as much as say Possessed or Death did at first, but the fast riffing is thrash-centric.

This time period of death metal is extremely satisfying to me, before it got so over exposed and single focussed. Yes, Mercyless are wearing a lot of their influences on their sleeves but there’s enough here to give it a solid listen through because those riffs and beats will drive you wild.