My buddy Ben shared this band with me over the weekend and instantly I wanted to take a deeper dive into their album Forged in the Crucible of Death as the impressive death metal sounds flooded my speakers keeping the death metal mood I’ve been in still sparked.

I’ve been craving good old fashioned, well played, riff heavy death metal for the past couple weeks and I haven’t been interested in anything ground breaking or genre defining, or experimental (although that will be addressed for the mighty year end list) and yeah, I like when bands are original but with death metal sometimes I like that old crunch. Pathogen aren’t making anything new here but they are are doing these older elements justice by making them sound so fucking good. To my ears, there’s and “old school” element to their sound but not nearly as overtly worshipped as is the norm nowadays. There’s some Florida heavy influences, some death doom, and some more chug-along creative riffing. It’s like a mix of Autopsy with Krisiun, but not as fast as Krisiun. More their unique riffing. What’s also of note about this band is they’re from the Philippines. I can’t really think of any prominent metal bands from the Philippines, well, other than Deiphago, I guess. That country is not particularly known for it’s metal output. It’s surely the first band on this blog from the Philippines, and that’s awesome, because Pathogen fucking kill it on this release.