I’m sick of summer. It’s time for fall. I want to bust out the hoodies and hats and enjoy the chill in the air with some fucking doom metal. If nature won’t cooperate I’m just going to have to go it alone. Doom:VS, everybody.

Shared with me by my buddy Ben, I instantly took notice and shamed myself for not having heard this band sooner. Hailing from Sweden (that land of all good things metal) Doom:VS (whatever that name is about) is a one-man funeral doom/death metal band and while the band does have a lot of the trappings of the funeral doom/death genre, there’s a lot of melody and emotion in this release. Whether it’s the dismal and soul crushing weight the album has or it’s moments of soul-wrenching devastation, this album is a bevy of emotions, and while the music is glacial at pace it keeps the heaviness up and the journey very active.

But it’s tricky because while it’s trying to crush your soul, there’s also uplifting moments, tonally and musically at least. It reminds me of a less goth-ed of Shape of Despair in their distinct highs and lows.

Bleak and beautiful, this album would sound so good set against a chill, grey, fall day. Here’s hoping those days are soon arriving.

Grab it on Bandcamp.