Let’s keep things in Sweden for today. I’ve got no problem with that.

I’ve extolled my love of Swedish extreme metal so much on this blog I’ll just sum it up for anybody new that Sweden makes some of the best metal ever and the land is an unending, fruitful, archeological pit of nothing but treasure. I’ve heard so much Swedish metal (yet it feels like so little) and I’ll find, or in this case, be given something that just knocks my fucking socks off. Case in point… Crypt of Kerberos.

Stuck right smack in the middle of all the now classic Swedish death metal and on the outskirts of the new blooming melodic death metal sound, Crypt of Kerberos managed to not sound like everybody else. Sure, this has some insane guitar speeds and a nice Swedish crunch to it, but it doesn’t sound like what you typically associate with that country and at that time. It’s rather unique for that and makes it all that more awesome.

It’s a weird, jaunty, progressive leaning, riff machine, more in-line with the American death metal sound of the time (cough Florida cough) but with such inventive riffing, atmospherics (?) through spotty keyboard usage, and out of left field structures. Yet it all works, it all fucking slays, and it all leads to one highly overlooked album from a classic era.