I’ve been slacking on the Swedish love around here so lets correct that right fucking now.

You may recall my review of Dead Silent Slumber’s Entombed in the Midnight Hour from a couple months or so ago and how much I enjoyed this one man band project from now ex-Naglfar vocalist and current Thyrfing vocalist Jens Rydén. Well, sandwiched between his stint in Naglfar and his time in Thyfing he released not only the Entombed album but a sort of quasi follow up album The Omega Rising under the banner of Profundi. Like Entombed, Omega is a fucking riff factory, exploding at the seems with melodic, infectious riff after melodic infectious riff. While Entombed was a bit more theatrical, symphonic, and emotional than his work with Naglfar, Profundi goes back to that sinister Naglfar presence, but turns that shit way up. I’ve always found Naglfar to be a bit on the cheesy side, or maybe a bit theatrical in how “evil” they wanted to be perceived as and while there is a certain element of that here, it’s presented in more of a straight forward manner and less over the top, even with the evil snarls, atmosphere and over all grimmer context amped up. It’s just so damn catchy though. Those riffs just do not fucking let up.

I’m not sure how people perceive Naglfar’s legacy or position within black metal and Thyfing is a bit goofy but I think these two solo albums by Jens stand head and shoulders above his work in those bands, and even though these seem like separate projects, they’re very much brothers in spirit.

You can get the album for any price you want over at Profound Lore’s Bandcamp Page.