I fucking love Italian extreme metal. Particularly Italian black metal. It’s so fucking evil and so overtly satanic and anti christian it’s almost comical. Well, maybe not comical, maybe parody because of how sincere it is. It’s hard to blame them with the seat of christianity resting in their country and what not but I’ve come to expect evil fucking music from that country and Adversam is no exception.

Adversam are a straight away, furious black metal band with little sound exploration or detours. And fucking evil and satanic as the day is long. The only other featured element is the keyboard which they use to add a bit of a surreal and orchestral quality to the music but it’s more of a flavoring than a full blown featured element, IE Emperor or bands like that, though clearly an influence in that department. Songs like “Geisterfalle” show the affect of the keyboard atmospherics ands sounds to great and evil affect.

This kind of black metal always hits the spot with me. It’s such a singular vision and presentation it’s refreshing to hear a band that just gets down to one or two things and fucking hits it out of the park.