Of all the different shades and subtleties found within extreme metal there’re some bands that go even further to the extreme and delve into the surreal and dismal. Bands like Portal, Desolate Shrine, and Spain’s Altarage are purveyors of such desolate noise.

Steeped in darkness and chaotic, smashing sounds, Altarage go for that more abstract, or subconscious aspect of horror with their sound. Lovecraftian would be a good comparison, but not so thematic as say Portal is, a band I’m sure Altarage gets compared to quite a bit. This is my first real plunge into their cesspool and it was the first thing that sprang to my mind. The band also has bizarre stage imagery and clothing that is reminiscent of Portal as well, aside from their disparaging and horrifying music. Altarage isn’t quite as other worldly as Portal as the band is more anchored in (somewhat more) cohesive song structures and honest to gods riffing with stellar production that just clarifies and enhances the madness instead of mutes it or muddies it all together, something that is easy to do with a band making this much noise.

They band is giving this album away for free for a couple days to promote their new album that is out later this year. This is a perfect opportunity to check them out and darken your perspective on the world a little more.