I’ve not been feeling very analytical or verbose recently which sucks because I like to write these blog posts about metal. In times of slacking inspiration or mental exhaustion I just want to put something on that fucking shreds nonstop. Maybe just because I don’t want anything to heady, or complex, or intricate, but something that still packs that undeniable metal punch. One band that I turn to for that is Chile’s death/thrash powerhouse Ripper.

They’re 2016 album Experiment of Existence came blasting out of nowhere and fucking dominated most all other bands of this ilk last year, easily, but you know, Vektor happened and redefined what thrash is.

Aside from that, think old Teutonic German thrash meets the early, thrashier side of death metal and you have Ripper, and their first album Raising the Corpse is a fucking thrashing, nasty, riff monster. Good for whatever ails you and thrash enough to last you a good long while. Check these guys out and get that neck warmed up.

Grab it here for a measly $6.