I’m not sure how this got into my folder of unexplored metal but for some reason it stuck out at me today when I was perusing the older files in there so I put it on unheard. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting to hear but if it was in that folder, it was there for a reason. What my ears were greeted with was some outrageously furious speed metal.

Upon investigation I discovered that Demona is in fact a speed metal band from Chili, fronted by the incredible Tanza, daughter of another Chilean speed metal-er, with some rip roaring guitar playing and bass. I mention the bass because it really stands out on this album, an instrument you don’t usually associate with the riff and guitar heavy speed metal genre, but Satan Almighty, the bass playing is something else on this album. That’s not to say that the guitar isn’t on point, because it is, and you’ll find speedy riff after speedy riff with almost zero cool down. If you want to get specific you could say this borders thrash as it’s more heavy than traditional speed, or even all the throwback speed bands, which I think, separates it from the horde. That and Tanza’s unique and exceptionally clean vocals, which is a weird compliment to the music as she really doesn’t howl or screech. Again, it’s a unique approach for this kind of music.

That being said, this isn’t breaking down any boundaries or anything so lofty, and it doesn’t try to, it’s just a fucking kick ass, solid as fuck, heavy metal album. Bang your head along and get an earful of awesome riffs.