I went to go see the documentary Turn It Around  this weekend, the un-metal documentary about the rise of the Easy Bay punk scene, and it was extremely fascinating. I’d suggest checking it out if you’re at all interested in punk, which I am, and have been since I was a kid (albeit less so nowadays) but throughout the documentary they kept referencing a punk band named Neurosis whose logo looked very similar to the (now) legendary post everything band. Surely they weren’t talking about the same band. Amongst the silly photos and youthful exuberance of poppy punk bands like Operation Ivy and Green Day, Neurosis kept coming up, some claiming Neurosis to be the best band to come out of that area and even the country. The two ideas of this teenager driven punk scene and the dismal and devastating tonal quality of Neurosis just wasn’t gelling in my mind so I looked it up and sure enough, they’re one in the same.

Now I’m not even that big of a Neurosis fan, and Neurosis fans are super into Neurosis, so I may have a bit of a handicap here but the idea that they started as an Easy Bay punk band intrigued me so much that I had to heat this for myself.

And now that I have, I still have a hard time making the connection between the two. It’s like trying to picture Hayden Christian’s Anakin Skywalker inside of that Darth Vader suit. Sure, they’re the same character but I just can’t imagine him in that suit. Like, the punk version of Neurosis is much darker and heavier then almost all of their fellow punk bands of that scene and that time but they still sound nothing like what they became to be known for. This is fairly good and somewhat dark, hardcore punk. It’s got a uniqueness to it with their fuzzed up guitar and slightly slower, grinding parts, but yeah, it’s punk to be sure, and I like it.

Now this may be common knowledge to everybody but me and you could be reading this thinking “Yeah dude, Neurosis was a punk band, idiot,” but I didn’t know that and now that I do, I have a little better appreciation for them and might think about giving them another chance. If you like good 80’s East Bay punk, or hearing the origins of a genre defining band, you’d do well to check this out, if nothing else then out of curiosity.