Holy fuck I skip a week and it’s already well in August. As of this moment we haven’t YET been blown off the face of the earth by two giant man babies with far too much power, but it could happen at any moment so I suggest you cram as much metal in your ears before then. And just in case you make it through the initial blast and are doomed to wander the irradiated wastelands avoiding mutants and biker gangs, metal is a good companion for that cursed earth life.

NEW JAMS: (Click those titles now)

Temple of Void – Lords of Death
I wasn’t to taken with this bands last album but all the positive reviews for this new one got me curious, and I love me some good solid doom/death, which, this is just that. Think Hooded Menace if they were more death metal, and the death metal is so massive and crunchy. Sure that means less focus on the doom parts but when they show up, they fit right in. “Graven Desires” might be the barn burner of the album with that last half going into those massive riffs and clean vocals. Fucking killer.

Heterochrome – Melancholia
Like a progressive, heavier, less cheesy, Epica? I know, that’s a lot to swallow, and yeah, this is a bit cheesy, it dabbles in that symphonic/goth/duel female/male vocal style but doesn’t bring with it any of the stupidity. Much more metal focussed. Solid.

Somber – Night Divorce
Melancholic, brooding, ambient, soundscape, post, sort of metal. Amazingly haunting vocals and dream like music, which makes sense, as supposedly this album is about night terrors. Good stuff.

Chelsea Wolfe – Hiss Spun
I’m not sure what you call Chelsea Wolfe’s music. It’s equally dark, moody, post, emotive, electronic, folk, and heavy. Speaking of heavy, she’s always sort of circled metal in tone and theme and I know she’s well received among many metal fans and bands (recently appearing on the new Mutoid Man album) but on this album I think she takes a much deeper step into metal waters. Like I said, it’s not metal, per say, but she does get much heavier on this album, utilizing heavy, metal sounding guitars and drums, and even features some guttural vocals courtesy of Aaron Turner of Isis. It doesn’t dominate the album, which is of course a dark and moody journey through sound and emotion with Wolfe’s unique and powerful voice. It’s another incredible album from a truly gifted artist so if you aren’t on the Chelsea Wolfe train, you probably should be.

Phrenelith – Desolate Endscape
Crushingly unrelenting, dismal, gross, intricate, and riff devastating death metal from Denmark. Short without a lot of meandering, straight to it, moody death metal. Fucking nasty and infectious.

Desecresy – The Mortal Horizon
Desecresy continue with their murky, dank, dismal, and guttural Finnish death metal style. Super dense and weighty, if you’re into this band already this is probably going to be something you like. I dig them already and this is solid death metal right here.

Bonehunter – Sexual Panic Human Machine
More Finnish nastiness. This time in the form of Bonehunter, a depraved, sleazy, black, thrash, traditional metal, punk hybrid of sci-fi monstrousness, horror, and sexual deviancy. Ridiculous fun and killer riffing all the way through. Nice and solid.

Bad Cop Bad Cop – Warriors
Fairly straight forward and simple pop punk. Good at what it is and isn’t trying to do more than write good songs and be punk about it. Fun, silly, solid.

Thor – Beyond the Pain Barrier
Ever since I saw the “I am Thor” documentary last year I’ve become an official fan of Jon Mikl Thor, and all his ridiculousness. Unapologetically so. It’s hard to not get caught up in his sheer enthusiasm for performing and being the character that he is. His band is just as ridiculous and the music is a triumphant tower of cheese. This is like his hundred and forty second album and I couldn’t even begin to tell you which of the hundreds of members he’s had are in this version of the band but it’s Thor’s rock heavy metal through and through, as epic as John Mikl wants it to be and crowd pleasing I’m sure. When you buy a Thor album you’re buying the whole package that is Jon Mikl Thor and it doesn’t get much more ridiculous or inspiring than that. Hail Thor!

Arctos – A Spire Silent EP
Beautiful, emotive, melodic as fuck, Canadian black metal. Fucking scratches that itch so hard.

Battle Dagorath – II -Frozen Light of Eternal Darkness
Battle Dagorath is a name I’ve come to associate with grand, sweeping, cold, and huge sounding black metal landscapes and high atmosphere. Following up last year’s I – Dark Dragons of the Cosmos this one is very much in line with that with the wide open songs, the huge instrumental songs, and the vast soundscapes. It does get a bit to drawn out for me, which will affect repeat plays, but it’s another solid album from the band.

Cormorant – Diaspora
Cormorant was one of the first metal bands I felt like I discovered all on my own with their first album, and it was right when I was really getting into metal so I thought I was like the fucking Indiana Jones of metal. I’ve been following them ever since and I’m always excited to hear what they’re doing and how they’re progressing their sound. Speaking of progression, that’s exactly what’s happening on this album. At this point they’ve moved further from the death metal black metal influence and have embraced a more progressive sound that still incorporates all those metal styles as well but none really take center stage. What does take center is really the ambition and the collision of all those elements. This one is a bit more explorative and grand as it’s only four songs and over an hour but it’s captivating the whole way through and possibly their best release yet.

Poison Blood – Poison Blood EP
This is a new project from Neil Jameson of Krieg and Jenks Miller of Horseback. It’s black metal mixed with, I guess, death rock? Oh and dungeon synth which everybody seems to be all fucking crazy for nowadays. It’s a good EP, nice and dirty and done in 20 minutes but I just don’t get this synth wave obsession.

Hell – Hell
Hell returns from the cavernous depths with another gargantuan slab of crushing doom. I can’t express effectively just how crushing. They’re so fucking evil sounding and weighty, and dense, and atmospheric, and unrelentingly so that I can’t even listen to them all that often, even though I fucking love it. This new one continues that sound but gets a bit more sludge in there. Maybe even a bit more Sabbath-like, with some honest to the desolate one riffs. Still menacingly heavy and still awesome. Love this fucking band.

SinnerAngel – Sinister Decálogo
Columbian black/death/power metal that sounds intriguing in concept but is not as power metal as I would have hoped. There’s an interesting mix but it’s mostly hyper melodic/theatrical death metal with blackened vocals, which is cool but it gets sort of same old same old here and there. Interesting concept that I think they could push further and really develop something awesome.

Lor – In Forgotten Sleep
Lor just blew my fucking brains out with their epically progressive, power metal scaled, folk tinged debut album. The sound is uniquely intriguing and with songs crafted so well, with both technical prowess and sheer metal power it’s hard to not get swept up in all the bombastic and grand glory of it. It may be the power metal album of the year for me. It’s at least the power metal album I’ve been waiting to hear this year. Fucking amazing.


Hexx – Under the Spell
Der Weg Einer Freiheit – Stellar
Tchornobog – Tchornobog
Bethlehem – Bethlehem
Manilla Road – Out of the Abyss
Amestigon – Sun of All Suns
Abigor – Verwestung / Invoke the Dark Age
Abigor – Apokalypse EP
Rebel Wizard – Triumph of Gloom
Nothington – In the End
Motorhead – 1916
Invocator – Weave the Apocalypse
Horrendous – Anareta
Bolt Thrower – The IVth Crusade
Paradise Lost – Medusa
Therion – Beyond Sanctorum
Selbst – Selbst
Satan’s Hallow – Satan’s Hallow
Grond – Worship the Kraken
Gorguts – Colored Sands
Grond – Howling from the Deep
Mgla – With Hearts Toward None
Danzig – Black Laden Crown
Hyperion – Seraphical Euphony
Solbrud – Solbrud

Until next time, make mine metal!