I was introduced to Solbrud’s sophomore album Jærtegn sometime last year by my buddy Ben and it’s been in a semi constant rotation in my ears ever since. With their new album just being released in 2017 and the high level of awesome that it was I figure it’s time to go back and hear where it all started for Solbrud.

What originally drew me to the band was their highly atmospheric and well composed black metal, meaning, it all sounded rather orchestral in composition and movement. There’s some serious attention being payed to the details and the songwriting with this band. And some serious melody.

On their self-titled debut, the band is just starting to veer into that territory and the whole procedure is a little more raw and loose. More drive and fury. Is “orthodox” atmospheric black metal a thing? I wouldn’t be surprised if it is, but that’s kind of how this plays out. A more primordial black metal approach but still consistent with their other albums in the highly atmospheric category.

Also, they don’t really veer out of black metal territory much. Not much progressive or post elements here, something these highly atmospheric bands tend to incorporate. It’s really just black metal at it’s core which is something almost refreshing in it’s directness.

I’m a sucker for atmospheric black metal and this is becoming one of my go to bands for the genre.

Grab it on Bandcamp for whatever price you want.