Around this time last year I reviewed Invocator’s first album Excursion Demise and extolled it’s thrash nastiness. Being from Denmark and being the only other thrash band from Denmark I know of aside from Artillery, they sort of out Artillery-d Artillery with their debut, amping everything up, getting almost death metal like with their thrash sound, and adding a complex technicality. It’s truly a great album and not just good for Denmark, good for thrash. I’d rather a country have two excellent thrash bands than a litany of terrible ones, but that’s a topic for later.

So then what the fuck went wrong with Invocator?

I’m sure there’re people will look at this as some sort of lost treasure and surely that’s what drew me to Inovcator in the first place but their follow up album Weave the Apocalypse is a far cry from the first.  This… this is fucking groove metal. They can try and call it thrash if they want but it’s not. Sure, at moments it has some thrashing riffing and drumming going on but this is a fucking groove metal album. All the chugging, low tuned, guitars and tough guy vocalist. It’s more akin to Chaos A.D. Sepultura, or (shiver) Pantera. It’s not as bad as Pantera as they’re still working with a lot of technicality and it isn’t nearly as knuckle-dragging as that band was but its got a very similar groove. And groove metal really doesn’t do anything for me.

That being said, I’ve heard worse albums but the quality from that first album was so immense that this is a huge let down. I understand thrash bands were trying to stay relevant in the 90’s and switching styles but geez, why groove metal?

I hate giving bad reviews and this might be the first on this blog but yeah, if you like the first one, this album is not like that at all. If you like groove metal, this may be your thing. Question mark. Have at it if you want.