I think August and September are gearing up to be splendid months for new metal releases that I’m waiting for. July has been a little sparse but that gives me time to discover other new stuff I’ve been missing or explore more older and neglected albums. However, this week gave us some of the best metal I’ve heard all year in the form of Lluvia and Paradise Lost. Possible year end contenders? Could very well fucking be. Now, on to the music…

NEW JAMS: (Best click them titles)

Lluvia – Enigma
Lluvia came out of nowhere with their 2015 sophomore album to blow us all away with their highly emotive and atmospherically charged album Eternidad solemne, which placed as one of my favorite albums of the year. Now, mysteriously and quietly releasing it’s following up, Enigma, only on a series of 7” records, Lluvia is back with an even more emotional and atmospherically dense album. Mostly hinging on long soundscapes, this album is literally atmospheric, but not in the way you’d think of “atmospheric black metal.” It’s brutally moody, intensely written and raw. It’s an amazing black metal record and one of the better of the year.

Tchornobog – Tchornobog
I dig this guys other project, Aureole and it’s light, air, atmospheric, nature/space black metal tranquility. This is the complete opposite of that. This is dark, and dismal, and cavernous, and pained, and disturbed, and awesome. Bouncing around death, black, and doom metal this one is complex album which demands your attention.

Galderia – Return of the Cosmic Men
Galderia are a French power metal band (not many of those) that is unabashedly Euro Power metal. They’re just balls out, cheeseball, chorus chanting, power metal and there’s not a damn thing wrong with that. Love power metal’s embrace of what it is and this band has the songs to match. Nothing world bending but damn solid.

Sinmara – Within the Weaves of Infinity EP
Glad to hear some more stuff from Iceland as the country has been a bit quiet as of late, which is a shame since they have so many great black metal bands. Probably because it seems like the same 7 dudes make up the majority of those bands. Sinmara is one such incestuous group. Cold, emotive, melodic-ish, black metal full of energy and power. Really hoping for a new full-length from these guys soon.

Dead Cross – Dead Cross
I’m sure this is going to top every single (or very nearly) non-metal best of 2017 lists and will be the metal reach out they use for cred. Why is that? Mike Patton and Dave Lombardo. This is their new metal infused, “hardcore” project and  yeah, it’s fucking good and crazy as you’d imagine something like that would be. Instant music critic crack and also one hell of a fun album from some great musicians.

Eneferens – Eventide EP
Main man Jori Apedaile recently moved to Minnesota and to thank him they burgled his place and made off with a bunch of his musical gear, which fucking sucks. So Jori is offering up a new acoustic EP for donations to help raise money to pay his insurance premium. It’s only 3 bucks minimum but it’s worth even more to help this amazing musician get new gear to make new music. Just listen to the EP if you don’t believe me. Typically he’s working in highly composed and beautiful atmospheric black metal but all that’s stripped down and focussed just on his songwriting, which is breathtaking. There’s also a soul stirring cover of 40 Watt Sun’s “Restless.” So check out his Bandcamp page over at https://eneferens.bandcamp.com/ or his go fund me at https://www.gofundme.com/burglary-relief-new-eneferens-ep

Couch Slut – Contempt
Couch Slut caused a bit of controversy a couple years ago with their debut album’s cover art. I never really checked into them but I thought the preview for the new album sounded intriguing, and it is. Noisy, angry, doom-y, drone-y, post-y… all those things make for a chaotic and captivating experience. May need some more time with this one but initial impressions are positive.

Paradise Lost – Medusa
Paradise Lost had a sort of return to form on their last album and now with the new album they’ve not only managed to rekindle their classic sound with their goth sound but merge all that together and add more heaviness and more doom and more moroseness. As much as I loved the last album this might be their new crowning achievement. Damn, Paradise Lost. 30 years in and you’re still vital as fuck.

False – Hunger EP
This False EP is only 10 minutes long but it’s brevity doesn’t mean it’s not substantial. This band is rapidly becoming one of my favorite USBM bands with their unrelenting black metal assault and frenzied beauty. 10 minutes of False at the top of their game.


Woman is the Earth – Thaw
Power Trip – Nightmare Logic
Ellende – Todbringer
Chastain – Ruler of the Wasteland
Anal Vomit – Demoniac Flagellations
Mare Cognitum – Luminiferous Aether
Green Carnation – The Acoustic Verses
Night Viper – Night Viper
Witherfall – Nocturnes and Requiems
Dax Riggs – We Sing of Only Blood or Love
Sad Legend – The Revenge of Soul
Sad Legend – Sad Legend
Protector – Urm the Mad
Vaiya – Remnant Light

Until next time, make mine metal!