When I loaded this up in the iTunes seeing that it was barely over 30 minutes, I was expecting some awesome German 80’s thrash, and thrash I got. What I wasn’t expecting was how much death metal and death/doom was in this album. Not like Paradise Lost death/doom, more like early Autopsy and Asphyx style. Slower, crunching, heavy as fuck, oppressive doom. Now this isn’t a doom album, but that element doesn’t show up often in thrash. But alas, this is German thrash! Nastier, rawer, frenzied, thrash and this is closer to death than anything else. The three styles swirl together incredibly and in just a little more than 30 minutes the whole thing concludes leaving you wanting more.

This is my first encounter with the band and I’m not sure how they got on my radar. They seem to be carrying on to this day and have good album review percentages on their Metal Archives page so maybe there’s cause to investigate more from this band. As Urm the Mad stands, this is damn good, chaotic, heavy death/doom/thrash that begs to be heard.