Another light week in regards to new metal, at least for me. There was one new, BIG, release this week that sent the metal world all a flutter but it wasn’t on my list, but I gave it a shot anyway out of morbid curiosity. Aside from that spent most of the week on new recommendations I’d missed out on and was pleasantly surprised by all of them. Metal is the gift that keeps on giving.

NEW STUFF: (Click on them there titles)

Wintersun – The Forest Seasons
Yes, Wintersun. Everybody loves that first album, and why not, it’s fucking awesome. So awesome that the band has lived off it’s legend for years now, even after the follow up Time I stunk up the place. Now they’ve released their third album, a concept album about the four seasons and it’s a mixed bag. It’s a welcome return to the riff heavy, epic sound of the first album, and less keyboard driven (it would be hard to me more) than Time I. It is wholly over indulgent and pretentious just like Time I is. I’m not opposed to over indulgent metal music, in fact, some of my favorite albums are ridiculous beyond reason but I think what really holds me back on this album is the bullshit way they made and promoted it with they’re crowdfunding campaign to raise 150k euro so they could craft their own studio to record Time II to their exact specifications, because clearly, any other studio just wouldn’t do these geniuses justice. Yeah right, guys. Essentially holding the album hostage from fans, who for some reason are clamoring for Time II. It also means that The Forest Seasons was made by the band in a less the adequate manner so what does that make it? Something to placate fans for the time being? A left over? Damn shame because there’s some good moments on this album. It’s not as lean and powerful and creative as that first album but it’s not bad. Oh well.

Dzo-nga – The Sachem’s Tales
Soul crushingly beautiful black metal that is equal parts atmospheric Cascadian, nature oriented black metal, classical music, and transcendence. Absolutely stunning. You need to hear this one. Oh, and that cover art. Fucking rad.

Tehom – The Merciless Light
Fucking down and dirty Swedish death metal with some rawer, nastier black metal influence. Just straight forward and vicious. Haven’t been feeling much death metal lately but this put me back in the mood.

Persecutory – Towards the Ultimate Extinction
Furious black thrash from Turkey, a country that doesn’t pop up much  in extreme metal. Damn shame because if they have more bands as solid as Persecutory I’d like to hear them. But yeah, unrelenting devastating, nasty thrash. And some killer cover art to boot.

Alice Cooper – Paranormal
It’s Alice, what else do you want? If you like is slightly heavier hard rock, ridiculous humor that’s permeated his past couple albums (and career) you’ll like this. If you don’t like Alice or for some reason haven’t heard him, I’d not suggest starting with this but if you’re already a fan there’s plenty Alice schlock to be enjoyed here. Way better than anybody should be at 70 years old and you wish you were nearly as cool as Alice is now.


Blind Guardian – Imaginations From the Other Side
Blind Guardian – Nightfall in Middle Earth
Twilight Force – Tales of Ancient Prophecies
Blind Guardian – A Night at the Opera
Blind Guardian – A Twist in the Myth
Sad Legend – The Revenge of Soul
Blind Guardian – At the Edge of Time
Blind Guardian – Beyond the Red Mirror
Tau Cross – Pillar of Fire
Tanagra – None of This is Real
Acheron – Kult des hasses
Gloryhammer – Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards
Pagan Altar – Lords of Hypocrisy
SolBrud – Vemod
Covenant – Nexus Polaris
Velnias – Sovereign Nocturnal
Flagellator – Channeling the Acheron
Pure Wrath – Ascetic Eventide
Wayfarer – Old Souls

Until next time, make mine metal.