On the metal forums and websites I frequent power metal rarely comes up so when it does (in a non mocking manner) I always take notice and read every word of the article or scour the forum thread looking for cool new bands or recommendations of albums I may have missed. Why? Because power metal fucking rules and everybody just needs to accept that or at least acknowledge that your crusty war metal band is just as ridiculous.

Anywho, that brings us to Tanagra, a band I found on a power metal thread. I didn’t recognize the name and the write up sounded promising and I’m always willing to take that chance for a good power metal album.

Hailing from Oregon, Tanagra go for that straight forward, glorious, power metal sound. No keyboards or orchestras here. It’s not complicated. There’s a slight Euro power metal bend to the sound, particularly it’s lofty sound and fantastical imagery, but it’s fairly meat and potatoes, which sometimes is perfectly filling. The songs are done well, the solos are uplifting and awesome, and it’s a riff factory.

Aside from that the vocalists is the stand out performance on the album. Vocalist Tom Socia has more grit and nastiness to his voice than is typical for this kind of power metal. He can hit the higher notes but he really soars at the mid range level, biting his way through each riff heavy song. It’s unmistakably power metal but he’s got his own thing going on which is a nice touch.

Yeah, fucking awesome power metal from a USA band. That makes me happy.

Pay what you want for the album over at their Bandcamp page.