Argus is a band that I’m surprised I haven’t listened to already, considering my love of traditional/power metal and traditional doom. Especially considering that Argus is one of the hallmark bands on the Cruz del Sur Music label, a label that excels in excellent traditional/power/doom bands. Even more especially since I rather enjoined Argus’ lead singer Butch Balich and ex Fate Warning’s guitarist Victor Arduini’s collaboration project from earlier this year (also out on Cruz del Sur). With the announcement of a new Argus album coming in September I figured it’s now time to delve into Argus.

Yeah, and of course, this fucking rules. Not that I ever doubted that it wouldn’t, but it is again another reason for me to kick myself for not jumping on this band sooner. This is traditional heavy metal in the purest sense. Melody for days, riff after riff, humongous solos, and no fat. Everything is tight and purposeful and any and all fat is stripped away, leaving only the essentials. Balich’s vocals are on point, large and encompassing, and fit both the predominant traditional style as well as the slight detours into that Candlemass-ian traditional doom areas, which they do exceptionally.

This is just a fun album from beginning to end. Yeah, traditional metal has had a bit of a renaissance as of late and a lot of bands are sounding uninspired but Argus is a benchmark for this newer revival. Fucking get those fists up.

Grab it over at their Bandcamp page.