I’ve got a soft spot for melancholic, morose, gothy, doom metal. Bands like Katatonia, Paradise Lost, Anathema, While While Heaven Wept, and My Dying Bride are always so satisfying to my ears. Speaking of My Dying Bride, Today we have Vestige of Virtue, a band that contains My Dying Bride’s drummer and various other productive players from other such notable bands as Old Man’s Child, and Funeral.

Of course I’ve already mentioned various bands that employ these aesthetics in varying amounts and it’s easy to compare them to Vestige but I think if we’re talking that kind of goth doom, Vestige is much more softer than these other bands, sonically. It’s a much for forlorn sound, with the band only launching into full on metal sparingly, which I think, really makes the album work.

For the most part, there are clean vocals that are drenched with misery, and an echoey distance that makes the whole thing seem kind of dreamy. All the instruments are fairly straight forward for this kind of music. Mostly long held notes and heavy palm muted guitars and plodding drumming, but there are violins and organs that add to that previously mentioned gothic sound, which is actually done sparingly as well, but the mope-iness of that goth style is ever present.

And that’s kind of the album in a nutshell, some highly emotive, rather subdued, doom-like metal. I dig it. I think there’s  a good mix of metal and goth elements, misery and heaviness, and theatrics. But like I said, I’m a sucker for this stuff.

Grab it from the band on their Bandcamp page.