I’m a little surprised I haven’t done a post about Horned Almighty and their full on, in your fucking face, blasphemous black metal explosion. They’re consistently satisfying and my go to band when I need something thoroughly aggressive and nasty, and they’re completely under appreciated.

On a recent cd purchase binge I got their sophmore album The Devil’s Music – Songs of Death and Damnation for a fucking pittance and as I expected, it’s fucking Horned Almighty magnificence through and through.

The riffs are fast and heavy, the songs are direct and nasty, the vocals are sinister and pissed off, and the drumming is pounding-ly furious.  And while the cover does feature the devil playing a Flying V guitar, I think they’re a little less blasphemous than they are on following albums, but still, they’re one of the more satanic-ly aggressive bands, even when they’re more subdued about it. Speaking of the cover, I think it’s fucking hilarious. It shows a humorous side of the band, whether intentional or not, that this music sometimes really lacks. They’re fair less humorous on the following albums.

One thing that struck me about this one was how much more “punk” it was than the subsequent albums. I won’t say there isn’t a punk influence on those other albums but this album is much more upfront about it. There are numerous riffs and passages that are straight up nasty punk and without the black metal vocals would easily be a punk song. Not entire songs but a lot of sections of songs. I like punk and when black metal bands play with the genre but I know that turns off some metal fans. Oh well, I think it works for this band. Kind of has a vague “punk era” Darkthrone feel to it.

Horned Almighty simple fucking rule. You’d do good to listen to this band.