I don’t get over to the Czech Republic on this blog very often but when I do I know it’s a fucking treat. Despite their small (comparatively) metal output, the Czech Republic is home to some of my favorite metal bands and some all time classic, and some would argue, contributors to the early black metal sound IE: Root, and Master’s Hammer. I can’t overstate how incredible both of those bands are, but one of the bands that gets so much praise from those grounds is Avenger.

My buddy Ben turned me on to their 2012 album Bohemian Dark Metal and it’s blackened death metal face punch, and it was fucking awesome. I always meant to track down more from them but who knows why, I never did. Until now, after revisiting Bohemian and remembering how fucking crushing that album is, I got Fall of Devotion, Wrath and Blasphemy for three fucking dollars on cd. Worth every penny and more.

Sweeting fucking hell is the first thing I thought when this album kicks in after the intro. A little rougher than Bohemian but so fucking powerful right off the bat. Just insane death metal riffing, with vile, evil vocals, and solos for fucking days. This is how to make black/death metal. A perfect combination of the sinister Norwegian black metal with the crushing and dirty aspects of death metal.

And it goes on like that for the whole album. There’s no slowing down or relenting, just sheer force and riffs and nastiness for 40 minutes straight. But those riffs. Oh those riffs. Why didn’t I get on this earlier? Fucking hell.

Of the two Avenger albums I’ve heard I’d say the band deserves the lofty status they hold amongst the Czech black metal bands. It’s more straight forward than say Root or Master’s Hammer but it’s hard to compare these bands. It’s fucking awesome is what it is and you should listen to it.